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ZSTAND for It's Stone
SpatialConnection(s) Dario Donato designed ZStand for It’s Stone, a luxurious table stand for tablets carved from marble. ZStand has been mainly thought for yachts, hotels and luxury villas, valorizing their interiors. ZStand is a simple object with a complex geometry. The fluidity and ergonomy of its silhouette enhances the sculptural design, which pleases the sight as well as the touch. Just like a graceful manta’s fin movement, the base of the stand is shaped as a variable surface between its central and side parts, allowing the user to easily access the device in all its functions. The back of the stand was designed as direct correlation of the groove on the base, allowing an optimal inclination of the device while giving a vigorous tension between the vertical part and the base. The two blends contradict each other, a concave one and a convex one, facing opposite directions. They allow the transition between the base and the back where shadows and light reflexes exalt the color. From utter purity to a mixture of purity and veins, ZStand is manufactured in black and white, starting from Belgian Black to Bianco Sivec, passing through Gold Veined White Lasa and Nero Marquina. ZStand is carved from single block of marble with a last generation 5-axis CNC machine, valorizing its natural stone with unique and authentic surfaces embedding millions of years of geological formation. For information: info@fratellimarmo.com info@itsstone.it http://www.spatialconnections.eu      
Bella – July 2015
Carrara marble on your dining table. Opus is a modular centrepiece whose simple, circular shape makes it suitable for any style of furnishings. A piece of design that could not go unnoticed. The monthly magazine “Bella”, in its July 2015 issue, dedicated a full article to it: in the section “The Architect recommends”, Sara Lucci described it as one of the finest pieces of stone furnishing. Opus by It's Stone is, at the same time, handicrafts and design. Opus, a unique piece carved in Montefiascone by the company "Fratelli Marmo Srl". IT’S STONE Stone furnishings www.itsstone.it FRATELLI MARMO Manufacturing and finishing of marble, granite and onyx Bespoke furnishings www.fratellimarmo.com
Home Comfort - March 2015
Attention to the finest detail for a setting  in which to discover craftsmanship which outlines an interior tailored around its inhabitants.  Designed by the architect Sara Lucci, everything built on a project that tries to optimize the use of space. Particular attention has been reserved for the bathrooms, sinks created by "Fratelli Marmo Srl" and designed by the architect, show different characteristics and colors. Shades of gray were chosen for the master bathroom, the sink is created by assembling marble slabs "Striato Olimpico", while for the guest bathroom the sink is the result of processing  a “Bianco laser”  a solid block of marble, supported by a Corian top on a cabinet made in a carpenter’s workshop.   Even the wall with the fireplace is fitted out in  “Pierre Grise” stone by “Fratelli Marmo Srl”, it is a very powerful component and creates an outstanding scene, improving the area of the house dedicated to relax and adding elegance to the kitchen.      Stone slabs with dimensions of 30cm x 60cm have been selected and placed on the wall, creating an harmonious and regular pattern presenting in some pieces a few shades of beige that evoke the warm tones of the parquet. On the top of wardrobes and bookcases there are contemporary works of art  and ornamental objects made in stone, part of the line "It's Stone" designed by Sara Lucci.   In the bedroom, there is a beautiful “Matlight" lamp  made of basalt.    For more info Fratelli Marmo Srl info.fratellimarmo.com info@itsstone.it
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